Six Inexpensive Ways of Remodeling Your Bathroom That Assures Good Payback



Have you ever thought why the bathroom ranks high in the list of areas in a home considered for remodeling? The reason is that it is the first place you hit after leaving the bed in the morning, yawning and bleary-eyed, perhaps a little dazed. Quite naturally, you would like the place to be the coolest and most comfortable one that gives you the pleasure and joy that is similar to finding a soothing oasis in the desert! After all, it is the place from where you want to start off your day in the right way, and admittedly, it must be the best of areas in your home. If you ask any homeowner about their choice of home upgrades, the bathroom figures just next to the kitchen that tops the list.  

However, it is essential to know where to begin and how to make good use of money, because just by spending money you would get nothing in return if you do not have an idea about the purpose of renovation. You need to know about the type of remodeling to do and how it would help to add more value and character to the place. Focus on renovations that actually pay off. It would be clear as you go through the article that offers a list of improvements that you must consider.



Replace the old sink with a new one

The sink is perhaps the most used installation as it has to handle the massive load of teeth brushing, gerbil bathing and face washing. Also, it is the central piece of installation that draws the first attention as you step into the bathroom, which is why it is apparently quite significant. The appearance of the sink matters a lot as it helps to create the most critical first impression. Installing a new sink to replace the dull old one makes a lot of difference as you get good returns from it. The cost of replacement would depend on whether it is an over-mount or under-mount sink because the price would be more for the latter. Replacing separate hot and cold faucets with a composite single handle faucet is a cheaper solution for a quick makeover.


Get the glaze back in the tub

Replacing the tub is a good idea, but it is quite expensive because you have to spend a few thousand dollars by the time you complete the installation, say the experts at the 24-7 Premier, the company dedicated to home remodeling. Considering that the shower area is still decent, it is better to concentrate on giving a facelift to the front part of the bathroom that can make all the difference. Re-glazing the tub can cost you just around $1500, and it gives the same effects of that of a new tub while you save some precious dollars in the process.


Upgrade the lighting scheme

Unless the bathroom is well illuminated, it will lose a lot of the sheen no matter how much you spend on it. The problem with lighting fixtures is that they become dated soon and lose their appeal. To stay tuned with times while maintaining the charm of the light fixtures, changing it with more contemporary and recent styles would add the wow factor to the place. The best thing is that you can achieve a lot with minimum investment because the basic model of a beautiful looking bathroom light fixture should not cost you more than £100.



Install a toilet that saves water

It is the age of going green, and when you are planning to remodel the bathroom, do not miss out on the opportunity of installing the latest model of toilet that uses minimum water. Although the move has nothing to do with enhancing the looks of the place, you are actually saving precious water because almost 30% of residential water goes down the drain by flushing toilets. The new model toilets use just 1.28 gallons water per flush instead of 6 gallons used by the old models. The saving reflects in the water bill that you pay, and you recover much more than you invest through the lifetime of the toilet.


Replace old fixtures

Small shiny fixtures are the pride of the bathroom, and to prevent the place from looking dated, you should invest a modest sum in replacing the old door handles, towel bars, and drawer pulls with chrome plated ones. With the spending of a hundred odd dollars, you give a new lease of life to the bathroom that appears quite inviting.


Get a double vanity

Installing a dual vanity will ensure that there is no fight with your partner to get access to the sink in the morning. By investing less than one thousand dollars, the double vanity is a significant bathroom upgrade that no remodeler should ignore.

Lastly, rely on the goodness of neutral colored tiles that make bathrooms appealing to all kinds of people.




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