Work, Rest and Play – Does your Kid’s Room Need a Makeover?


Decorating and furnishing your children’s bedrooms is an opportunity to let your imagination run riot. They can be magical, adventurous, calming or inspiring and still look stylish.

If you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, the here are some fun and interesting ideas to get the ball rolling.


Wonderful Walls

A good rule of thumb for walls is to think light, they are largest reflective surface and so choosing a colour that will accentuate the light is a good place to start.

With a base colour set in mind, why not think about a feature wall? Get your child involved in creating a mural or check out some whacky wallpaper from the likes of Quentin Blake to give the room some fun and a splash of colour.

You could even think about matching up the design for a feature wall with ideas for bed linen.


Cosy Carpets

For warmth, comfort underfoot and to help cut out noise, nothing beats a cosy carpet. This is a kid’s room though, so think hardwearing and look at carpets with a protective guard for the inevitable spills and accidents.

If you have laminate or wooden floors, then soften with a large rug that can also double as a raft, a desert island or even the roof of a skyscraper – “don’t look down!”


Cool Curtains and Blinds

Curtains or blinds are super important in a child’s room, they need to look good and they need to keep the light out to help with sleeping patterns.

Have a look at the curtains and blinds that are on offer from Direct Blinds, they come in a wide range styles and sizes and will help seal the finishing touches to the room.


Funky Furniture

When it comes to furniture for the room, there is a balancing act between practical requirements and aesthetics to be achieved.

A set of antique drawers will provide plenty of storage space for clothes and brought up to date with a coat of paint, will look amazing. Toy boxes are also a popular choice and provide a surface to play on as well as helping keep the room looking uncluttered.

Alternatively, a small table will do the same job as a toy box, as it also provides a surface and storage space underneath for books and toys – good for when homework needs to be done.

So, there you have it, finish the room with some pictures or posters and let the fun begin, before it’s time to get a good night’s sleep – oh, did we mention they’ll also need a bed?




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