Camping and Farmstays in Slovenia: A Return to Domačija Paternoster



It is hard to believe that it’s been almost a week since we left home already. Our first stop on our travels was a two night stay in Hammelburg in GermanyMike and I had been awake since 4.30am and we left the house at 5.15am with ten of the children.


hammelburg view from window


The combination of the 13 hour drive, colds breaking, whining kids and extremely stormy weather on our arrival left us with no way of clearing the cobwebs and my stress levels hitting an all-time high, which is saying something, as they can hit levels even Tim Peake isn’t familiar with. Two days later and we were on another marathon drive to somewhere I knew we would all be happier.

This one stop that we were all looking forward to making was our return visit to Domačija Paternoster in Tenetiše, Litija. I cannot stress highly enough how wonderful this place is. If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids where they’ll experience animals, wonderful surroundings and Slovenian hospitality, do book yourself a camp stay here. Full details of what they do and offer is now available on their website and we just love them. Go, visit, stay and try great homemade produce too.

We arrived late in the evening after yet another long drive. The turn of the weather meant that the plans to sleep in the hayloft were changed and they had very kindly arranged apartments for us to stay in instead – something we were extremely grateful for come the stormy rains that decided to lash down and fail to stop.

Dinner, a toast and then bedtime for us, before rising to another damp day. It wasn’t going to spoil our fun as the kids were keen to re-explore the placed they fell in love with back in May.

The new apartments that were in the process of being built when we previously were here were now finished. Inside were beds, a shower and a toilet.

Eddie in front of beehive apartments Domačija Paternoster


Outside were the beehives…


beehive apartments Domačija Paternoster


The change of the weather meant that most of the animals were now snug and warm in the barns. There was still the pond with fish to feed…




…and ducks to walk…


libby walking ducks at domacija paternoster


…and fishing rods to make out of sticks and string…




There were swordfights to be had…




And who can resist a go with a traditional water pump?




Not Anna…




There’s always a game of football under the shelter of the barn with new friends, both human…


kids playing in barn at Domačija Paternoster


…and non-human…




And there was just, well, the sheer joy of being there!




Or just working on looking cool.




There was also a chance to get our hands a little bit dirty. Jaša took his little group of fans to pick grapes from the vine…




And Paddy, keen to try his hand at anything, asked if he too could have a go at snipping off the grapes…


paddy picking grapes at Domačija Paternoster


Bowl after bowl was filled with dark purple fruit…




It took a little teamwork to carry the grapes back to the barn…


carrying grapes at Domačija Paternoster


Where we needed to start working through the pickings…


children sorting grapes at Domačija Paternoster


Soft or discoloured grapes were discarded while the good grapes went into a separate bowl…


grapes at Domačija Paternoster


Helena then showed the children how the grapes would be turned into syrup. Of course, Paddy was there to lend a hand…


paddy making syrup and domecija paternoster


“I can make syrup now!”


smug paddy


There were LOADS of grapes to get through, so many that Libby didn’t think the odd one or two or 20 would be missed…


Libby eating grapes at Domačija Paternoster


It turned out that there were more grapes than patience, as after a while there was only Ollie left diligently getting on with finishing the job. So I gave him a hand to the finish line…


Ollie and Tania sorting grapes at Domačija Paternoster


And the result was bottles and bottles of…


making grape syrup at Domačija Paternoster


Our day at Domačija Paternoster was already packed with new memories but it wasn’t over yet! The evening had us in for a wonderful surprise, where they had arranged a brilliant magician to put on a show for us!


magician at Domačija Paternoster


No prizes for guessing who offered to be his assistant…




Anna managed to get in on the act too..


FullSizeRender (2)


And the grand finale was the most fantastic accordian performance. This young girl was incredible!


accordian playing at Domačija Paternoster


The whole day was so much fun!


watching magic show at Domačija Paternoster


Backing out of the drive the next morning as we left for Italy, we all felt the same sadness on leaving as we did before on having to say goodbye to such lovely, warm people.


leaving Domačija Paternoster


We hadn’t even left the small village when several of the children piped up how they missed it.

We know exactly how they felt.

We wish to Nace, Helena and Jaša and Domačija Paternoster for their warmth and hospitality once more. We really love you guys!

Do not visit Slovenia without at least stopping by Domačija Paternoster to try and buy some of their homemade produce for yourself. The cheese is just unreal! Click here to find out more about staying at Domačija Paternoster and experience it for yourself.



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10 thoughts on “Camping and Farmstays in Slovenia: A Return to Domačija Paternoster

  1. It sounds like you’re starting out on a fantastic trip, and what a lovely place to start. I’ve spent a few days in Slovenia and would love to explore more of it. Farm stays are such a great option for families. #familytraveltips

  2. Oh, what a wonderful place and brilliant that the children were able to get involved with picking and processing the grapes. Funnily enough my girls have helped to harvest and sort out bucket loads of grapes over the past few days too, but we’ve turned them into jam! Definitely somewhere we’ll look up when we head that way in a few years time.

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