7-Day Squat Challenge to Shed Unwanted Pounds



Let’s kick start your weight loss regimen with an amazing 7-day squat challenge. This is a great combination of 3 simple yet absolutely effective squat movements to get you started on your way to ultimate fitness. Whether you’re a beginner with a desire to challenge yourself or a pro who wants to add on to weekly workout session – this 7-day best squat challenge by fitnessgoals.com would be just great to lose the extra pounds.

Let’s have a look at the squat techniques to be practiced during the course of challenge:


Basic squat technique

Extend the arms straight out in front while keeping the palms facing the floor and feet flat shoulder apart, on the floor. The toes should be positioned slightly pointed outwards. Keep the head in a neutral position with chin up. Now slowly push yourself down to start the squat as if you’re going to sit on a chair while keeping the back straight and eyes looking forward. Let the feet flat on the floor while you squat down. Avoid putting weight on heels or toes. As the thighs are parallel to the ground or minimally below, get back to the initial position and finish the first rep.



Jumping side squat technique

As above, lower your body down with same motion as traditional squat. Unlike basic squat, while rising you need to push through the feet and drive the body up and jump to one side, instead of getting back to the starting position. And lower your body down into another squat as you land and rise again, and then jump back to the starting position and complete your rep. you may swing the arms up a little while jumping to have extra momentum.



Sumo squat technique

Keep the feet wider than shoulders width apart with toes pointing out and knees over the toes. Keep the chin up, back straightened and eyes looking straight.  Keep the abs contracted all through your practice. Now lower the body down until the thighs get parallel to the floor. Like any other squat moves, the feet must be flat on the floor while you squat down. Push your weight off through the heels at the bottom of the move and rise tensing the quads, glutes and inner thighs until you get back to the initial position.



7-day squat challenge calendar

Day 1 –

  • 30 squat reps
  • 15 jumping side squat reps
  • 25 sumo squat reps

Day 2 –

  • 40 squat reps
  • 15 jumping side squat reps
  • 30 sumo squat reps

Day 3 –

  • 50 squat reps
  • 15 jumping side squat reps
  • 35 sumo squat reps

Day 4 –

  • 60 squat reps
  • 15 jumping side squat reps
  • 40 sumo squat reps

Day 5 –

  • 60 squat reps
  • 20 jumping side squat reps
  • 45 sumo squat reps

Day 6 –

  • 70 squat reps
  • 20 jumping side squat reps
  • 50 sumo squat reps

Day 7 –

  • 80 squat reps
  • 20 jumping side squat reps
  • 50 sumo squat reps

It’s better to perform the squat moves all at a time. And take break as and when required. Like any fitness challenge, make sure you consult your physician before taking up the challenge.  



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