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Whilst we love nothing more than piling all our luggage into the minibus and heading off for another epic adventure through the European mainland, there’s nothing quite like the relatively simple jaunt closer to home. Not only do we avoid the prolonged ten hour drives from one destination to the next that we undergo when travelling further afield, but we also have the opportunity to rediscover the beauty of Britain.

As the years passed and our family grew, we still love to return to the place of our earlier memories, although things are obviously done on a larger scale now. When it came to making my recommendation on my choice of beachside hotel, I had to focus on the issues faced by larger families – the main one being the issue of accommodation. Whilst we are huge fans of renting cottage accommodation, we often find it a struggle to find any kind of hotel that meets our needs. Fortunately, we found somewhere that ticked all our boxes, and more! From rooms for two to luxury suites sleeping up to six, the Bournemouth hotel is the perfect solution to a family break for the bigger than average family. You can read more about my recommendation and the reasons I chose it over on Expedia’s Hotel Edit, their curated hotel hub.

I do admit that we are quite guilty when it comes to exploring our own back yard and there is so very much of it that we have to yet to see. It is all too often that we overlook the gems that are right here on our doorstep and for us, the South West of England holds particularly wonderful memories. Long ago, long before the days of road tripping through the Balkans or escaping to Italy for weeks at a time, and when time and money were both limited, we and our then considerably smaller family would head off to Dorset or Devon for a week’s getaway. The older children, who didn’t have the privilege of travelling far and wide like their younger siblings now do, recall the days of paddling on the Dorset beaches, trekking over the Devon hills and driving over the Cornish border for an evening meal of fish and chips by the beach, as the sun set over the sea.

Steph recalls how Mike would stand at the bedroom doorway until they went to sleep because the instant she, Ben and Cait heard him move away, they would be out of bed and running around the rooms in no time. Cait remembers falling over on the way back to our accommodation and Ben playing the role of big brother, carrying her on piggy back the entire way. Ben remembers getting soaked at Crealy when a downpour chased away other visitors. The three oldest realised that this meant there were no queues to get on the rides… so that is exactly what they did – over and over and over…

Oh, the memories!



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