Make the most of your family holiday


For many, the idea of a summer holiday is to spend long days by the pool or on the beach, nibbling snacks and knocking back the cool drinks, followed by a slap up meal in the hotel or a nearby restaurant, along with a few more drinks. Then bed, hit the all you can eat buffet for breakfast, and do it all again.

It sounds tempting, but stick to that routine for long, and you will find your clothes no longer fit by the end of the weekend, and you will get home with very few tales to tell. So here are some tips for making the most of your holiday, and coming back refreshed, fit and with memories to last a lifetime.


Go prepared

If the only clothes you have packed are swimwear, shorts and perhaps a couple of things for evening wear, you are unlikely to get much done. Make sure you pack some appropriate shoes, along with light trousers and maybe even a waterproof (depending on where you are going) to be ready for anything.


Explore the town

There’s no better way to learn about a place than to experience it, so gather up the kids and get out there to explore. Take a walk, or even hire some bikes as a fun way of checking out your new surroundings as a family.


Take a hike

Walking around town is great, but it is also nice to get off the beaten track. Find out about the hiking trails in the vicinity. It’s a great opportunity to see some different types of fauna and flora, and the best thing about hiking is you can make it as easy or challenging as you want to.


Try something new

Most holiday resorts offer a range of activities. Depending on exactly where you go, these could be anything from kayaking or windsurfing to abseiling or mountain climbing. Do some research before you go, to find out what is on offer, and get every family member to suggest something new they would like to try. That way, you can make sure you are prepared, and you have a shared commitment to do something amazing together!


Take a morning run

Even if you sometimes struggle to get the rest of the family onboard, there is nothing to stop you getting out for a run before the daily routine of lazing around commences! It is a perfect routine for clearing your mind, and will definitely mean you are ready for that breakfast buffet when you get back!



Finally, remember, family holidays are all about downtime and enjoyment, so try to strike a happy medium between the relaxation and getting some exercise. That way, everyone will return recharged and ready to get back to day to day life.



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