5 Reasons to Rent an Apartment vs Stay in a Hotel When Travelling



If I’m travelling alone or for short periods, I find that hotels can often provide what I need in the short-term. Travelling with any of the kids or for longer periods seems to shift my needs considerably. Whilst hotels are fine and do have their advantages (I love that someone comes in to clean up after me and that I can just run down to the restaurant for food – let’s call it reverting back to childhood), I do tend to lean towards renting a private apartment or villa as my general preference. Here’s why:


It’s a home from home

Whether it’s a villa with a pool in Greece or furnished apartments Toronto you’re looking for, finding somewhere you can arrive to, unpack and chill out in is priceless after you’ve spent a time travelling. Having a fridge, cooker and washing facilities to hand and at your convenience gives you more options on where and what to eat, whether to go out or stay in and you don’t have to worry about returning home with a stack of dirty laundry.


I love my own personal space

I love my own space, particularly first thing in the morning. I’m not one for conversation first thing, and it’s tough enough trying to say good morning to my own, let alone trying to make pleasant small talk in a hotel restaurant with strangers when all I want is a hot drink and a few minutes to get my own thoughts together. Avoiding this time of day in particular within my own space gives me a great deal of breathing space.


It works out cheaper

Paying out for an entire apartment or villa doesn’t necessarily cost as much as a hotel room will. In fact, when you take into account how much more space and facilities you have, it can also work out cheaper.


You can get great deals on longer term rentals

If you’re planning on renting for a longer then average period you’ll often find that apartments will give you a far better rate than hotels do on long-term rentals, again saving you money.


You don’t have to worry about¬†availability or restrictions

Unlike many hotels which only open up during the tourist season, private holiday rentals are available¬†at any time of year or restrictions. You also don’t have to concern yourself with setting the alarm clock so that you don’t miss breakfast or making sure you’re back for the lunchtime serving at the restaurant.



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