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When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. Despite not speaking very much English at all, they had the television on constantly, switching between the (then) three channels that existed. At least, it would be me doing the switching as remote controls weren’t invented yet. Not only would the TV be a constant source of noise but they would more often than not have the radio on in the background in the same room, at the same time, resulting in an on-going babble that would be capable of causing a sensory overload at the best of times.

They were huge wrestling fans – we’re not talking WWE or the like – it was good old Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy back then, and my nan loved snooker. When I say loved, I mean loved. She knew every player, every stat, every score and watched every game – even those than ran on until 1 in the morning. Those were the days where Ray Reardon ruled, Steve Davis was a whippersnapper and Ronnie O’Sullivan had yet to make his name.


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A love of snooker seems to have been passed down through the generations and even though the kids aren’t fans of watching it and probably aren’t in the running as Crucible Snooker champions, it’s always a great game for a family tournament. If we had enough space for a games room a snooker table would be the one game above anything else that would be given pride of place there. But then again, we don’t have a games room or room for a snooker table, so the other alternative is a convertible snooker table instead from the range of affordable snooker tables for sale at Hamilton Billiard.


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Even though snooker is usually a two-player game, we have found that creating two-team tournaments works well for us. This means that the younger ones get to have a go and, even if they aren’t too precise with the cue, they often seem happy enough with chalking it for the older players anyway! Champs of the future I don’t think, but hey, at least they have fun!



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