Family-Friendly Travel To Corsica: Attractions For All Ages



The island of Corsica sits just over 50 miles off the Italian coast, but is a French region. It boasts a fascinating culture all its own, and makes the perfect destination for family holidays.



Best Beaches for Families

Whether your kids prefer lounging on white sands or clambering over rugged granite, there are beaches to suit all tastes in Corsica. Perhaps one of the most show-stopping is Palmombaggia, ideal for families with small children. The water is warm and clear, with a gentle slope into the deeper waters. This makes it the perfect place for children to splash about in the warm shallows.

Calvi Beach is similarly sloping and gentle, great for paddling. La Tonnara is another top option, offering views of islands across the bay and plenty of pristine sand to build into castles.

Both beaches are lined with family-friendly restaurants and cafes, dishing up pizza and ice cream!


Must-See Attractions

If your family can tear themselves away from the beaches, Corsica boasts additional attractions and a rich culture to explore. Don’t miss a day trip to the town of Porto Vecchio. Its Old Town is straight out of a fairy tale, with meandering cobblestoned streets lined with chic boutiques and outdoor cafes. Visit the Genoese Gate, offering vast views of the harbour below ideal for memorable family photos. Boat trips are available from here as well, and there’s a mini train which always goes over well with the little ones.

Animal lovers won’t want to miss a trip to the A Cupulatta Tortoise Sanctuary. There are over 170 different species of turtles and tortoises here, including a nursery showcasing the baby hatchlings. The aquarium in Porto is home to a stunning variety of aquatic life, including clever octopi and colourful fish.



Travel Tips

Taking a donkey or horseback ride is a time-honoured tradition in Corsica for children. You’ll find these tours all over the island, whether it’s a donkey ride on the beach or a horseback ride on mountain trails.

Getting in and out of the island is a breeze – try taking the ferry to admire the best views. For Corsica Ferries ticket reservations, click here! Once you’re on the island, you can explore by car – just be aware that many roads are twisting and turning through the island’s rugged mountains, so give plenty of time for the journey.



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