If I Was a Rich Man…


…I would have obviously paid out for a sex change with my riches. However, if I was a rich woman and came into a lot of money, I would be off, out and away for good and I would always be in warmer climes. No more winter for me.

That up there would be my view.




Would I get bored of it?

I really don’t think so.

I’d quite like the opportunity to try it though.

Honestly, I love travelling. The thought of returning home fills me with dread. And it’s not unusual for Mike and I to play out the ‘How much are properties around here and could we move here?’ conversation time and time again, from wherever we happen to be travelling to at the time. Cait often says it wouldn’t surprise her if was just didn’t return home one day. If it wasn’t for the money, we’d be off like a shot.


If I won the lottery….

I would buy a boat and just keep sailing around the world, going to whichever hemisphere was warmest at any time.

I would buy a selection of homes dotted around in the best places for when it’s too rocky at sea or I just feel like putting my feet on dry land for a while.

I would learn to fly so I could have my own aircraft and, when the children and Mike annoy me I can take off… literally.

I would buy the kids decent fishing rods because they caught sod-all with them, and if we were reliant on their fishing hauls we would starve. Then again, if I were rich I could buy all the fish I wanted, I suppose…

I would replace this computer because I have to hit some of the keys really hard for them to type now.

The thing is, it’s been years since I actually did the lottery until recently when I entered the EuroMillions with Lottoland. Just open an account, pay £2 for your ticket and you can either select your numbers yourself or you can opt fot the QuickPick option which randomly chooses them for you. If your numbers come up, your winnings are put directly into your Lottoland account and you can withdraw them straight away (provided you’ve already sent over ID to prove you are who you say you are). It’s handy if, like me, you don’t remember to get your ticket or you just can’t be bothered with all the to-ing and fro-ing to shops. Or if you are on your boat in the middle of somewhere hot, like the future me will be after tonight’s EuroMillions win…



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