My Weight Loss Update: 60lbs Down!


Hands up! Who made a resolution to lose weight? How is it going so far? Here is why you shouldn’t give up or, if you already have, why you should get back on it.

Last March I wrote a post titled ‘I got fed up with being fat so I did something about it’. I decided to stop making excuses and start doing something about my weight following a harsh wake-up call brought on by my brother’s leukaemia diagnosis.


tania in rhodes sept 2015


At my heaviest around the time of the photo above taken in September 2015, I weighed over 14 stones and was a size 18 – although I snipped my size 16 underwear at the seams because I couldn’t bear admitting I needed to go up yet another number.

I thought it was about time I updated you on my progress.

Here is a photo taken this morning after an hour and a half workout…


Tania 60lbs down January 2016


60lbs down.

Five dress sizes lower.

Loads of inches off.

Much fitter and healthier than before.

I would say excuse the lack of make-up and the sweat but I don’t want to. That lack of make-up and sweat displays just a little of the hard work and dedication needed to get from the first photo to the second one.


tania rhodes 2015 to jan 2017 60lbs loss


Losing weight is not easy.

Staying on the right track when life is throwing up all kinds of obstacles that you could easily use as excuses to fall off the wagon takes commitment.


…if you believe in yourself and want something badly enough, you can do anything.

Even when you’re a mum of 13.

If I can do it, you can.

Do it. 


 I’ll be sharing some things I have learnt during my journey, including tips, recipes and an in-depth review on DDP Yoga, the workout that changed my life (note: this is not an ad, has not been paid for and was not offered as a review, but is a real discovery on an exercise programme I bought that actually works based on a recommendation from Jimmy). If you’ve any questions for me please leave them below or email them to me at 

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