Top Interior Design Trends for 2017



What better excuse than the new year to give your home a whole new look? If you are bored of your home’s current style, why not take on board some of the predictions for interior design trends that will take off during 2017? Let’s see what’s set to hit our homes in the new year…


Going to the coast

It looks like greens, blues and greys are set to hit homes during 2017 bringing the feel of the seas and coastlines into our homes. Using beachy shades in a room will provide a feeling of freshness and a natural feel.


Nature all around

Using materials under foot such as bamboo hardwood flooring will help to keep the theme of nature running through your home. In fact, wood is a big hit all round from floors to furniture to accessories.


Green living

Plants are also set to be big in homes in 2017 and we are not just talking about the potted versions either. Prints and pictures of nature and plants are also set to adorn walls during 2017.


A touch of handmade

Handmade additions are also predicted to hit homes in the coming year so it’s a great opportunity for crafty types to get making! Knitted, crocheted and sewn cushions and blankets help to give your home a comfortable feel and there is nothing quite like the pride of creating something yourself! Chunky cable knits are going to be huge so get your needles out and get knitting!


Nooks and crannies

Creating zones is also predicted to be the way to go in 2017. Dividing rooms off to create comfy reading nooks and chill-out areas away from the bustle of the rest of the home is set to take off. A chance of a quiet corner in this house would be a very fine thing indeed!



Whilst handmade is one thing, repurposing is another animal altogether! If you love hunting around secondhand shops and Freecycle then you are going to love the excuse 2017 will bring you. Find something old and give it a new look with a personal touch.

All in all, it looks like nature is set to play a significant role in our homes during 2017. What are your predictions and plans for your home?






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