How Many Storage Units Would Santa Need?


It’s not long now until Santa sets off on his 24 hour world tour, delivering presents to all the boys and girls who have been good in 2016. Every year he makes the rounds, delivering literally millions of presents to children in hundreds of countries.

We all know the stories of the elves working hard year in, year out in Santa’s workshop, up in the North Pole. We’ve seen the preparation he goes through multiple times in films and on TV, but one thing is never made clear. Where does he keep the millions of toys he makes? His elves are busy all year round, but it’s never made clear where all the finished presents are stored once they’ve been prepped for delivery.

The guys over at Storebox self-storage had a think about how they could lend Santa a helping  hand this year, and so they set out to see just how many of their storeboxes Santa would need to store all of his presents. With their varying sized units, they are more than equipped to help Santa out with a bit of extra storage space.  

Storage units are used all over the world for many different reasons, personal, for business, people have even created hotels out of old units. It only makes sense that the most famous delivery man in the world would take advantage of the convenience of self-storage. Storebox did the maths, worked out how many children on average he delivers to over Christmas Eve, what the average size of a present is and voila! You may be surprised just how many storage units he would need if he did choose to store them all in a storage unit. To help you get a better idea, Storebox have provided this handy little infographic to show you just how many storage units Santa will need this Christmas.









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