Locks Away! Tim’s First Haircut


It is hard to believe that February will see Tim turning a massive three years old.

It is also hard to believe that during that time he has never had his hair cut.

Well, not that hard to believe, actually. I mean, have you seen the state of it lately?

Which is why, after a lot of gentle coaxing, enthusiastic encouragement and downright shameless bribery, we finally managed to convince Tim to undergo his first haircut today.

We went along to The Peacock Rooms in Sevenoaks, a fabulous hair systems salon owned by a lovely lady called Sarah. The Peacock Rooms are set in a Grade II listed building which offers a range of services and treatments for men, women and children alike. One of the services offered is the all-important first haircut so, not knowing how Tim would react or what to expect, I was quick to drop Sarah a line and ask her to help us say goodbye to Tim’s rather bedraggled Michael Bolton look.

Thanks to the very talented Natalie, Tim underwent a complete transformation before our eyes! Check out our video and see how he reacted to his new experience…






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