How to Stave Off Colds & Flus in the Family



It’s that time of year again. Dark before you wake up and dark before you leave work. The leaves and temperatures are falling outside and the heating is cranked up to the max inside. As the festive season approaches it’s easy for your body to succumb to illnesses and colds. Our daily contact with people and surfaces at this time of the year generally makes us much more vulnerable to all manner of illnesses. These germs are more easily spread in families, especially amongst younger children. To ensure that your winter period stays illness free, check out the infographic below from Clinell, who explain what you can do to ensure you stave off a cold this winter.

Colds and illness in adults as well as children is no good for the family. As you will all know, running a family is exhausting work, so we need to be on top form just to manage this alone! To avoid illnesses, we need to reduce our stress. Stress and fatigue will compromise your immune system, potentially wiping you out for days, or even weeks, with the flu.

It’s much better for your physical and mental health to take a mini break more often to recharge the batteries. This could be from a weekend away without the children, to simply reading a book or mindfulness meditation to help you de-stress.

Keeping you and your family well stocked up with fluids and vitamins is essential when it comes to kicking colds to the curb. Water, Zinc and Vitamin C are all essential cold busters that can help boost yours and your families’ immune system; keeping you fit and healthy in the run up to Christmas.

We also recommend wiping down all touch points around the house with Clinell bacterial wipes. Touch points include doorknobs, handrails and kitchen surfaces, just to name a few. A quick wipe down once a day with an antibacterial wipe will help reduce the possibility of infections and germs spreading from person to person in the home.

Check out some more tips from Clinell below! Be sure to share and comment with any other tips you have on keeping colds and illnesses at bay.







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