Wrap Up Warm! How To Spend Family Time Outside This Winter


It’s very tempting to spend the vast majority of the winter shut away inside your home. Not only is there no rain or snow in there, but it’s hard to make yourself go out much when the skies outside are dark and grey. But if you have kids, it’s hard to stay cooped up with them all day – they’ll get bored and in the end they might just send you nuts! There are only so many Christmas movies they can take before they start bouncing off the walls.  Instead, you should start planning your ski holiday in advance. Perhaps a snowy holiday at a beautiful apartment in Thredbo. Or, if you want to keep closer to home, why not kit yourself out, grab a waterproof bag of supplies and hit the outdoors. Here are some wintery ideas that you and your family can do outside this year.


Go Hiking

First of all, make sure you’re wrapped up warm! Purchase insulated jackets and make sure that every family member is kitted out with warm hats, scarves, gloves or mittens, and thick socks under their boots and don’t forget your hiking backpack. If you have a dog, taking him or her for a walk is a perfect family outing this winter – just make sure that your dog’s wrapped up warm in a coat and possibly boots too! The pads on the bottom of its paws are sensitive to cold and heat. Go to a local park or open space and hike around a short trail. You’ll get warm from the exertion in no time. Just make sure you stick to the designated route so your afternoon out doesn’t turn into a disaster movie!


Grow Vegetables Together

There’s nothing as satisfying as developing your green finger for the first time. Purchase a 4×4 greenhouse and insulate with bubble wrap, along with investing in a heater if you want to. Vegetables that you can grow over the winter include salad leaves, mange tout and broad beans, before harvesting them in early spring. Not only will gardening be a fun family activity, but it will also teach your kids that a little work now pays off in the long term.


Build A Bonfire And Make S’Mores

First things first: make sure you keep your eye on your kids the whole time if you’re building a fire! Make a circle of bricks or stones in your backyard, make a tepee shape with the tinder inside it, followed by some kindling, and then add some logs before dropping a lit match inside. Make sure you have a bucket of water on hand. To make the perfect s’mores, keep it simple. Break a large digestive biscuit in half and cover one side of it with chocolate pieces. Roast a marshmallow on a stick before placing it carefully on top of your chocolate. Place the other piece of digestive biscuit on top like you’re making a sandwich, squish it together, and enjoy!


Play In The Snow Together

Is there anything as pure as the first snowfall every winter? Make sure you get outside with your kids to thoroughly enjoy it. Build snowmen, make snow angels, and even engage in a snowball fight with each other! If you have elderly neighbors, you could encourage your kids to shovel their driveway and front path for them. Finally, when everyone gets too cold to enjoy themselves, take them inside for some hot chocolate and one of your favourite warming recipes.







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