Outdoor Order: 5 Tips for Beautifying Your Backyard



There is a good reason why human beings love to keep gardens. When carefully arranged and aesthetically pleasing, they appeal to the senses. You’ve got the bright colours of flowers and trees, the sounds of teeming wildlife, and the irrepressible fragrance of plants in bloom. It is any wonder that we can’t get enough of our outdoor paradises?

It is easier than you might think to create a truly beautiful garden. You don’t have to have tonnes of space or lots of money to buy expensive features. All you need is a healthy dose of creativity and a willingness to get close to the earth. Even the smallest and least inspiring of outdoor spaces can be transformed with the right design.

These clever tips and tricks will help you find simple ways to beautify your yard and turn it into somewhere very special indeed.


Invest in Outdoor Lights

One of the first things that you should do is think about adding an extra dimension to the space. Choosing outdoor lights is an effective way to create mood, even though you’re working with natural elements. It works in much the same way as it does indoors; soft, diffused light is best for adding a sense of mystery and magic. Try partially concealing spotlights beneath shrubs and bushes for a delicate ‘halo like’ glow.


Add Practical Features

It is easy to forget that gardens are practical spaces as well as aesthetic ones. We have a tendency to segregate these functions, rather than bringing them together. For instance, many homeowners build decks where they keep their furniture off the grass. However, landscape design is interested in integrating the two. It places furniture in unexpected places. It tucks chairs inside hidden hideaways and nestles fairytale staircases in between the trees.


Start Growing Herbs

If you want to get more out of your yard, simply plant fragrant herbs. The addition of a whole new sensory element makes a huge impact and you’ll wonder why it ever took you so long to experiment with them. Sage, rosemary, and thyme are classic examples, which can be grown in amongst other plants or in pots by the kitchen window.


Opt for Self-Seeding Annuals

Not everybody dreams of keeping a perfectly manicured lawn and immaculately tidy flowerbeds. For some, visions of a beautiful garden are a little bit wilder and a hands-off approach is desired. This is possible if you opt for self-sustaining perennials and annuals like native ferns and poppies. They create a loose, unorganised aesthetic that has more in common with a summer meadow.


Get Thrifty with Accessories

Most homeowners have all kinds of bits and pieces lying around the house that could be repurposed for the garden. For instance, a broken dining room chair can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint and a coir lined flower basket. With a little imagination, pretty much anything can become a planter or a garden feature. Old tyres can be filled with soil, unwanted cabinets stuffed with blooms, and rusty colanders turned into nifty hanging baskets.


Why Outdoor Spaces Always Reward Imagination

Creating a beautiful garden isn’t about having access to lavish landscaping services or even having the benefit of a sprawling space. Some of the most magical gardens in the world have been squeezed into the tiniest of spots, but they feel like big adventures, where care and passion have been put into their design. If you want a similarly gorgeous yard, work out what you’d be dazzled by and then build it yourself.







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