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I grew up in a multilingual household. For those of you who are unfamiliar, my father was a Greek who was born and raised in Turkey (the old Constantinople, for those of you familiar with history), and my mother was a Turk who grew up in the same village in Istanbul. My father’s family moved over to England a few years before I was born with my parents following shortly before my birth.

We lived with my grandparents until I was three and as a result, my early years were predominantly spent using Greek to speak in whilst I learnt to understand anything in Turkish. I didn’t speak English until I began school at the age of three.

Our family also created sentences and sometimes even whole words that were a mishmash of languages, that would begin in Greek and be smattered with a Turkish word here and an English word there. As long as we understood what we were trying to say, and astonishingly enough we often did, it was all good!

I grew up loving languages and still do. I remember once saying as a child that I wanted to learn every language in the world. Whilst it sounds quite commendable, I also remember my reason being so that I could eavesdrop on any conversation and know what was being said. It doesn’t sound as commendable now, does it?

Discovering this infographic packed with untranslatable words from around the world was such a treat for me! You know how it is when you want to explain or describe something but you just can’t find the words for it? Well, find a word from another language!

Got a neighbour who constantly borrows your goods without returning them? They’re a ‘tingo’. And what about that person who constantly asks too many questions? Well, they are a ‘pokemuchka.’

If you love learning new words you will probably enjoy it too. Which is your favourite?


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Infographic created by language translation experts at https://www.morningtrans.com/







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