Exploring Asia: What Thailand Has To Offer



Thailand is a well-known destination for many a holiday-goer. It’s inexpensive, tropical, friendly, and largely safe, making it an ideal holiday destination for almost anyone. There are many places to visit, and many things to see and do in Thailand. For instance, you could travel to Phuket with Travezl tour packages, visit Chiang Mai or explore Ko Pha Ngan. One of the things many people look forward to about a holiday is just being able to relax, and in Thailand relaxation is a plentiful resource, with large, luxurious hotels where you’re treated like a rockstar, right down to small hostels that cost next to nothing per night. Whether you are backpacking your way around or holidaying with Thailand tour packages, we have arranged a list of just a few of the things that Thailand has to offer to anyone wanting a vacation to what is easily one of the best holiday destinations around.



Thailand’s tropical water temperatures and hot days make the beach a perfect way to spend a week or two (or ten). With crystal clear waters that don’t get too hot or too cold, and waves that caress the beach perfectly, lying on the sand or swimming is a dream, and a crisp, cold drink is the ideal companion to an afternoon on the sand.



Thailand’s nightlife is legendary, to put it lightly. There are stories about the full moon parties and the bars and clubs that put even the most raucous cities to shame, and while there are certainly many areas in Thailand where one can go for a relaxing and family-friendly trip, the opposite is very much true as well. Ko Pha Ngan boasts the best full moon parties, and an opportunity to attend is not to be missed by any who wishes to brave the waters of the biggest parties in the world, and Bangkok’s nightlife is rife with adventure and intrigue, if not a little bit of scandal.



On the flip side of the nightlife, there is the daytime activities that bring so many people to Thailand. Maybe you want to visit some Khmer Ruins while you’re in Thailand, and the most impressive of those is Prasat Hin Phinai, which are built in a similar style to those at Angkor. The temples and historical significance is a thing to behold, as many places are hundreds of years old, and some relics found can be dated to thousands of years of age. Ban Chiang in the Udon Thani province shows evidence of 2,000 years of inhabitance, and shows the transition from Neolithic to iron age man.



A trip to Thailand isn’t complete without some sight-seeing, and as a place with as many sights as there are places to visit, making a choice might be difficult. Erawan Falls is a highly popular destination for many making the trip to western Thailand, as it is a beautiful, seven-tiered waterfall with wildlife surrounding. The Floating Markets are a different kind of sight to see, as they are less natural but more interactive. Hundreds of boats selling foods and ingredients congregate outside the cities, and are vital staples to local farmers, and have rapidly become meeting spots for tourism groups and friends.


Thailand has many, many things to offer as a holiday destination, so many in fact that we can’t list them all here. From waterfalls and ruins, through markets and tours, all the way to raging parties and beautiful beaches, Thailand continues to offer more and more to anyone wanting an adventure, and best of all, it is open to almost any budget, from the big spenders all the way down to the backpackers and hitchhikers.






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