How well do you know your world languages?



Being asked to point out a particular country on a map might seem like a really easy task to complete – however – what if you were then asked to match that country to the language they speak?

Countries with unexpected spoken languages

There might be some countries that surprise you. You might be able to pick out Brazil from a map of the globe, but would you have put money on them speaking Portuguese?

Perhaps that was an easy one – did you know that one of the most common languages in Argentine Patagonia is Welsh! Amazingly, Welsh is spoken by 12,000 people in in Argentina as their first language.


Are you ready to test your world language knowledge?

If you really think you are ready to take the world languages challenge, then scroll down to the short quiz embedded below. This seemingly simple quiz will show you different flags, and you have to answer which language you think is the most commonly spoken in that country.
Let’s put your language skills to the test see how many you can get right!

Let us know in the comments how many you managed to get right.

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One thought on “How well do you know your world languages?

  1. There are a lot languages that are spoken by peoples. Few of them are popular but more over there are also many another languages that are spoken by people but not much popular.

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