We Review: SHOUTYKID – How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous





In our house, no matter what time of day, you can usually find someone in our house reading a book. We have hundreds of them stacked across dozens of bookcases and shelves throughout the house, and we still don’t have room for them all.

Shopping for us doesn’t mean impulsive buys for shoes, handbags, or new outfits. Instead, walking past a bookshop usually results in us popping in quickly and more times than not, leaving with a book or five. Reading is such a big deal to all of us that there’s no possible way to choose the biggest bookworm – in fact, even the ones who aren’t as keen on reading still love it!

Eddie and Sid are fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Big Nate books, all of which tell stories from the point of view of the character. A new favourite is the SHOUTYKID series. While reminding us of the much loved journal-entry books, it is completely different. Instead of being told through journal entries, the story is told through letters, emails and text messages. It’s something we’d not seen before, but this modern twist is incredibly appealing.

Of course, it’s not as easy as that. The guitar player is at risk of getting expelled and his dad wants to take his family on a two-year sailing trip. The idea of swimming with dolphins is incredible, but not when Harry Riddles is almost-but-not-quite a rock star.

Simon Mayle’s series, published by Harper Collins, are fun books that will have even the most reluctant of readers laughing. The unique style makes it different but in a way that kids will love – ours certainly did! It’s a perfect summer read to beat boredom.

You can buy How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous (RRP: £6.99) and other SHOUTYKID books from Amazon here. Alternatively, view other retailers on the Harper Collins website.

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