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Turning 40 seems to be a milestone for many of us. Rather than trying to stave it off I was actually quite okay about hitting the big 4-0 which surprised me. I had always imagined I’d be kicking and screaming in denial when, in fact, I seem to be (so far) quite comfortable with embracing a new decade where I can consider myself not only older but wiser. Or at least, I can try to.

I count myself extremely lucky to have great genes from both sides of my family when it comes to skin condition. My grandparents, both in their nineties when they died, had always looked much younger than their ages. My parents too have wonderful skin – it must be a Mediterranean thing for them. So far, I think I am doing well in staving off the wrinkles. Laughter lines, oh yes, they’re a-coming, but I am not doing too badly so far, thank you.

When I was younger I couldn’t bear the thought of getting older, fatter, wrinklier, less attractive – it was more than my teen or twenty-something self could stand. I would say without hesitation how I would turn to surgery to turn back the clock.

Now that the clock has moved forward twenty-something years, I’m not so sure. I don’t know whether I do wish to mess with what nature intends for me, and I’m certainly not brave enough to go under the knife.

There are non-surgical beauty procedures, I know. Sk:n Clinics is one which I know prides itself on a reputation of using fully trained and qualified medical practitioners. After all, if you do decide to take this step you need to ensure you’re placing yourself in the hands of trained staff who have the knowledge and experience you’d expect.

Is an injection or two to smooth out lines and wrinkles really any different to slathering on the ointments and lotions of an evening in the hope of delaying, or at least reducing the unstoppable effects of what only comes naturally to us all? Or should we embrace the inevitable change of time?

What is your opinion and has it changed over the years to how your younger self felt?




















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