Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!




It is official.

2015 is going to be the year for us.

The year for us.

After many, many years of talking and planning and dreaming about it, and more than a year of preparing the house for selling, the ball has finally been moved from its rock steady spot and is rolling.

We have cleared out and started packing up.

We have found somewhere in Ireland that we all really, really love and is absolutely perfect for our downshifting, self-sufficient plans.

Our house is on the market and we are oh-so-ready, oh-so-willing and oh-so-very-very-able to go!

We’ve got so many plans to share with you in words, pictures and videos too and this is the year!

It’s scary, exciting, daunting and nervewracking. It’s going to be a year of big changes, of new experiences and learning new things.

It’s finally here! We’re not just talking any more – we’re doing!

2015 – we are so going to own you!

This is going to be our year.

Will you join us on our journey?




48 thoughts on “Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!

  1. Wow Tania that is great news! Well done for making steps to realise your dream and not doing what the majority do and just continually grumble about life! I’m really looking forward to following your journey x

  2. So happy for you all! But also sad that you won’t be just down the road 🙁 Let’s meet up in March? If the clearing and sorting and the everything else doesn’t take over! x

  3. I love a family update and this is a great one. What a fab new venture. Ireland is just beautiful, full of lovely people. Lucky you! Fingers crossed for the sale of the house. x

  4. Wow Cuz. Good luck with move. But u so far from us already. Moving further now. Boo hoo. I’m really pleased for u all. Hope that one day we get to meet up again. Lots of little cousins I haven’t met yet. So glad we can keep in touch with Facebook. Good luck with everything. Big hugs to all of u. Xxx

  5. Great news! Safe travels to your new adventure. You are following your dreams which will always lead to many blessings.

  6. That’s amazing news, how exciting. I have been thinking of doing that myself, city life sometimes gets a bit to much.
    What’s the new place like and where in Ireland?

  7. I know, Danielle! I don’t think people believe us when we say how long we’ve been planning this. I remember us planning it all when Harry was a baby and he’s 12 now! It’s not like we haven’t been patient!

  8. Congratulations I remember when I first saw the programme, I was childless then, thinking why would they want to be like that, why not just live “normally” three children later and now I really do get it! And want some for us too! Congratulations on getting to your next big step in life hopefully our family may not be too far behind

  9. Oh how exciting! I can hardly wait to see pics and great all about this special place in Ireland!
    Fingers crossed the sakes hours to plan.

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