Tim Update: Day 5


Tim day five


After the progress of the previous day, yesterday turned out to be far less eventful.

They are still trying to establish Tim’s feeding and weaning him completely off the tube. Precisely measured amounts are fed to him, alternating between tube and bottle feeding. We have been left hopeful when he has tolerated feeds, only to feel despondent again when he hasn’t.

As we suspected they would (and hoped desperately that they wouldn’t), Tim’s jaundice levels had also crept back up, bringing him just over the line. After eight hours under the lamp his levels had remained pretty much the same, only managing to creep beneath the line by a tiny margin, when he needed to drop by five increments on the chart. He would need another eight hours under the lamp overnight, due to end at approximately five this morning. As they say, two steps forward…


Back under the lamp
Back under the lamp















2 thoughts on “Tim Update: Day 5

  1. Hope today is a better day for you. Praying for little Timothy and sending lots of love to you all xx (btw my 2 year old has called her teddy Timmy after I told the children Timothy had been born!) xx

    1. Congratulations on the birth of Timothy. Hope you have had a better day and that he is home with you all soon. Thinking of you and love to you all xxxx

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