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It is the ultimate dream to have a large and grand bedroom that can become a true environment of relaxation and comfort. Not many of us are fortunate to have a large bedroom; most modern homes are full of smaller compact spaces, which leave us with a difficult task when it comes to designing an area that is luxurious. So, when you are surrounded by space make the most of it.

Turn your bedroom into a work of art and incorporate the elements that you have always wanted and rival the bedrooms of mansions and superstars. The bigger the room, the more style considerations are opened up to us and we have the ability to let loose and create a space that is lavish and opulent. But what style avenue do you choose? Do you use something like the minimalist idea to show just how grand the space is? Or, do you fill every inch of the room with beautiful pieces of furniture and turn it into a room that can fulfil multiple purposes and needs?

Whatever you decide there is one thing that is a given: A large and luxurious bed that suggests grand design and is the epitome of comfort. The Divan beds centre – zip & link beds are perfect. They offer grand furniture items and can allow the bed to become a dominate feature within the space.

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Let’s say you are going down the opulence route, what are the items that you need to include in the bedroom?

Whenever you see examples of a grand and elegant master bedroom there are some items of furniture that tend to appear. People are keen to make the most of the space and create a bedroom which not only fulfils the idea of a place to sleep but that offers storage, entertainment and real luxury and rest.

Walk-in wardrobes are almost an essential. With people placing so much emphasis on clothes and material possessions, a grand wardrobe becomes a work of art and a lusted after component of any home.

An en suite can be found in most homes, as the size of families grow and the need for space increases. The en suite is a real luxury and it provides distinction and privacy away from the main bathroom.

A seating area can often be found in the larger bedrooms. The idea of adding a sofa, chair or chaise longue almost separates the bedroom and creates two areas that both fulfil relaxation and comfort needs.

A bigger room can easily handle bold colour palettes and intricate patterns on the walls and within furnishings. You have free rein in terms of style and design and you can make the most of the large space, incorporating the design elements that would look out of place in a smaller room whilst thinking of elegance and opulence.

























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