Quick and easy ways to save money on energy bills


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We all know how it goes.

We’re parents. We have jobs. We have homes to run. We don’t have enough hours in the day. We’re just busy.

Yes, we know how much energy bills are soaring and we’re feeling the pinch. And yes, we know we can save money if we got around to insulating the roof or sitting down to check our tariffs but, you know, we’re busy.

We’ll do it when we get the chance. Or when days have more than 24 hours. Whichever comes first.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve come up with a few ways to save you money on energy without costing you precious time in the process.


Dig out the slow cooker

One-pot cooking saves time and money like you would not believe. Not only is it quick enough to throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot and switch it on, leaving it to its own devices while you get on with the rest of your day which saves time, but slow cookers take up minimal energy to use. Not only that, think about all those various pots and pans you don’t need to spend time, water and energy washing up afterwards.


Control your heating wherever you are

Make the most of the technology available to you which allows you to control your heating and hot water remotely wherever you are. The initial kit is installed by an expert engineer and once done, you can operate your heating from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop no matter where you are. Going out for the day and not sure when you’ll be back? Operate your heating when you’re on your way home, ensuring you have a warm welcome without any prior energy wastage.


Get power stripping

Not that kind of stripping. Power strips allow you to plug several items into one source, shutting them down with a single switch at the end of each day. No more standby wastage!


Back at you!

Fitting reflectors behind radiators will take minimal time, yet this quick and easy project can reduce the heat loss from your radiators by up to 45%, redirecting it back into the room where you need it instead.


Curtain call

Close all your home’s curtains as soon as dusk falls instead of waiting until bedtime comes around. The extra insulation in front of the windows will provide an extra barrier against any draughts and will help to retain heat in your home.


Keep radiators clear

Spend a few minutes going from room to room to make sure radiators aren’t blocked by any furniture or obstructions which will prevent heat from being distributed around the room. Move anything in the way elsewhere if possible. Pay special attention to those radiators situated below windows as the heat will end up escaping upwards and outwards, instead of warming up your room.


Switch to showers

Switching to showers instead of baths will not only save large amounts of water and energy, but also time. Love a long hot soak? You don’t need to give them up completely. Simply cutting back instead of cutting out will still make a difference.


Make your home a drip-free zone

Another quick but effective project which will make a big difference in the long run is to check the taps in your home for drips, replacing any washers on taps which are found to be wasting water. Even the smallest of leaks and water loss can build up into significant wasted amounts over time. The sooner they are dealt with, the quicker another problem is solved (and the more money you save).


Use the quicker cycles

It isn’t always necessary to use the longer wash settings on your dishwasher or washing machine to wash lightly soiled items. If your machines have a quick-wash setting, use it. You’ll often find that you get the same great results in less time, and using less power and water too.



Do you have any quick and easy tips that busy parents can use to cut down their energy bills? Share them with us in the comments below.















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