Large Family of the Week – The Aussie Half Dozen Family!


Aussie Half Dozen


Mum-me and HG from Australia have six children and they are our Large Family of the Week. Read what Mum-me has to say about her family here: 


Introduce us to your family (names and ages & tell us a bit about yourselves):

We are a family of eight.  HB is a member of the Australian Defence Force – a musician – and we met whilst both studying Music at University.  Our eldest child, Possum, is about to finish her final year of High School and hopes to study science at Uni next year.  Our only son, Dragon, is in Year 11 and he enjoys lifting weights and playing guitar.  Ducky is 11 and she loves to dance. Mousie, age nine, is our little bookworm.  Teddy is the most able and cooperative Mummy’s helper, and she’s only eight!  And little Kitcat, seven, is well on her way to becoming a very talented artist.


Do you consider your family to be large? If not, what do you think is the magic number which turns an average sized family into a large one? 

Yes I do consider our family to be large.  I know there are many larger families but, compared to everyone we know personally, we have the most children by far!


Did you ever think you would have a large family? 

We married young and knew we wanted to have children, eventually. When people would ask us, “When are you going to start a family?” we used to joke, “We’ll have six boys one day.”  I don’t think either one of us every really thought we would actually have six, and our last two were both a big surprise, but we knew we would definitely have more than the traditional 2. (Even after we had our first girl and boy and many people said “You’ve got your pigeon pair so you can stop now.”)


What is your best moneysaving tip?

Buy as good quality toys, shoes and clothes as you can possibly afford. The extra money you shell out will pay off in the long run as you can hand-down to the next child.


What is your best tip for organisation?

Have everything scheduled, from meals to chores to who gets to pick the DVD next time.  I write it all down on charts, rosters and planners.  In order to avoid fights at bath time I recently had to make a chart stating which of the girls can have the first bath on which day.  It sounds like a lot of work but it is another effort which pays off in the long run.


Don’t you have a television?

We actually have three TVs in our house, but we enjoy doing other things in our free time 😉


You can read more about Mum-me’s family over at her blog Our Aussie Half-Dozen. Leave a message for them in the comments below!


If you would like your to see your family featured as our Large Family of the Week email with ‘Large Family of the Week’ in the subject line. Click here to find out more. 

2 thoughts on “Large Family of the Week – The Aussie Half Dozen Family!

  1. Lovely to meet a large family from ‘down under’. Isn’t it funny how people presume that as soon as you have a chil of either sex that you would stop having any more. We too got told not to have anymore after our first 2 children (a boy and girl). I wonder if they’d have been the same if we had had 2 of the same sex?
    Anyways, lovely to meet you!!! Xxx

    1. I’ve got 2 boys and it’s about 50/50. Some people say oh you’ll have to try for a girl now and others seem surprised that we’d want to have more than 2!

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