Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 29

Baby shoes


Well hello there, third trimester! How lovely to see you!

The final trimester already? I can’t quite believe we’re here so fast.

After last week’s declaration that I didn’t do nesting came the sudden urge to decorate which saw me spending Sunday sanding and prepping and painting one of the bedrooms. Before either of you our readers become too impressed, let me reassure you that it has nothing to do with Baby 13’s arrival in 9 weeks or less (eek!) but everything to do with the new carpet being booked in to be laid on Wednesday. With Mike struck by sickness it left Cait and I upping our paintbrushes and taking over in preparation for the carpet and subsequent bedroom reshuffle between children.

Pregnancy-wise, all seems to be well. According to the midwife there was a trace of protein in my urine last week which she put down to me having been hungry at the time of bottling. I twice reassured her that I most definitely hadn’t been hungry but she didn’t seem too bothered to take that fact on board. We (read that as ‘finances’), resulted in us opting out of paying for an independent midwife this time around but I so wish we had, not because there has been anything wrong with the ladies who have visited but I do prefer to get to know the people looking after me and for them to get to know me and our rather unique situation. Sadly, there has been no continuation of care at all during this pregnancy and I have not seen any one person twice. I do think continuity between mother-to-be and carer is important in order to foster a good, comfortable relationship. The way things are, I’d rather have a jar of pee sticks and a doppler to carry out my own checks.

Still, fortunately everything seems to be going very well so I cannot complain at all. Heartburn remains the most of my problems, so if that’s the worst I’ll get, I’m happy.

Names: we have none.


‘Do you think,’ I called to Mike earlier this week, ‘that we ought to maybe think about names soon?’

But that was as far as the discussion got.

Inspire me please. We like traditional names and don’t know whether baby is a boy or girl, so need both.

Any help appreciated!





3 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 29

  1. Glad you’re well Tania x
    My girls are –
    Charlotte Olivia
    Amelia Lucy
    Sophia Emily Grace
    Claudia Alice Elizabeth
    Isabella Ruby
    My one and only boy is –
    Samuel Jacob Alexander
    Feel free to pinch any ideas from that lot……

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