15 ingenious ways to use lemons (and not a recipe in sight)


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We know how a quarter of a lemon added to a tablespoon of honey and mixed into warm water will help ease sore throats and colds, but did you know that lemons can be used for so much more?


Get rid of moths without moth balls

Moth balls stink. That’s all there is to it. Lemons are far nicer, and lemons dotted with cloves hanging in the wardrobe make a considerably more aromatic solution to getting rid of them.


Freshen up your fridge…

Soak a ball of cotton wool and place it in your fridge overnight to get rid of stale, mouldy smells. Do make sure you’ve got rid of whatever is causing the stale, mouldy smell in the first place though.


…and your microwave

Place a bowl of warm water with a slice of lemon into the microwave and heat on full power for two minutes. Smell that lemony freshness at the end! (It’ll also help you get rid of any stains and dirt inside the microwave with minimal elbow grease too. Bonus!)


Sanitise your chopping boards

Especially good for wooden boards, take half a lemon and rub over your chopping boards to sanitise and freshen them up nicely.


Bleach your clothes

Adding half a cup of lemon juice to the softener compartment of your washing machine will attack those stubborn stains and give your whites a burst of dazzling lemony freshness.


Make your hair shiny and smooooooooth

Add a ¼ of a cup of lemon juice to one cup of warm water when giving your hair a final rinse to add a natural, silky shine. It smells good too!


Get rid of dandruff – naturally

The acidity of lemon juice has been proven to treat dandruff from the roots of the hair. Massage two or three tablespoons into the scalp and then rinse. Alternatively, rub lemon slices directly over your scalp. Repeat over several days until your dandruff has disappeared.


Soften those sharp elbows!

That hard, scaly skin on your elbows will soon be no more! Sit with each elbow placed in half a lemon for ten minutes. Once done, give them a wash and moisturise well. That rough skin will soon be rid and, teamed up with your silky, dandruff free hair, you’ll be sitting pretty before too long!


Get rid of warts

Dab warts with neat lemon juice repeatedly for a few days. After regular use you’ll notice the warts dissolve thanks to the lemony acid.


Keep your bins smelling fresh

Keep some lemon peel at the bottom of your bin to keep it smelling fresh. Remember to replace it regularly though!


Get rid of limescale in your kettle

Put two or three slices of lemon in your kettle, fill with water and set to boil. Leave for an hour then drain. Rinse out well.


Polish up your cutlery

Create a fairly thick lemon juice and sea salt mixture, rub well onto your cutlery then rinse and dry well. You’ll be amazed at how super-shiny they become!


Make a natural grease remover

Add half a cup of lemon juice to a water spray bottle, then top up with water. Use in place of your normal, chemical-packed kitchen cleaner to attack those grease-splattered cookers and tiles. Cheaper, natural and chemical-free too!


Freshen up your dishwasher 

Put lemon peel in your dishwasher to freshen it up while it washes.


Use as a pre-wash stain remover

Treat those stubborn stains with some on-the-spot treatment. Dab any stains with a salt and lemon juice mixture and leave to set for a while before washing as normal. This is effective on blood, grass and last night’s curry.


Do you have any tried and tested uses for the humble lemon? Share them with us in the comments below. 






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