Review: Cobra Toys Helicopter


Whether you’re a child, teen or adult, you will always find fun in playing with a remote controlled vehicle. It could be a car, a plane, or Cobra Toys RC Helicopter; if you have to opportunity to use it and experience the entertainment it supplies, you will enjoy it.

The Cobra Toys RC Helicopter, fully known as a Mini Matt Black 3.5 channel RC Helicopter with Gyro, is much smaller and more lightweight than expected, rather than large and clunky as many often are; so much small in fact that the control pad is bigger! Due to it being so lightweight it was easy to manoeuvre after a little steering practise.

We were thrilled to see that it even came with its own landing pad, allowing the children (and parents!) to experience the full helicopter-pilot profession. Or at least, as much of it as we could have experienced from our living room. As expected, once we had got it into the hands of the boys, (who had decided they all wanted a chance to be pilots) it was hard to get it back off of them.

It requires six AA batteries, which are not included and are all needed in the remote.  You can charge the helicopter in two ways, by either using the USB charger included from any computer, or from the battery power from the control. It also conveniently comes with spare parts, and can fly a distance of 10 metres (32 feet). It is recommended for older children of eight.

You can purchase the Cobra Toys helicopter (RRP £34.99) and many others on their official website, as well as being able to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date on all their RC products.

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