Fecundaphobia: One site explores the fear of large families

Frightened and stressed young business woman


As you may be well aware after seeing 1.5k ‘likes’ on the post Why ME having a large family doesn’t automatically give YOU the right to be rude, there are quite a few of us with bigger than average families who, for one reason or another, don’t always receive the most positive or polite of reactions.

Fecundaphobia, or the fear of fertility, families and the burden of child-rearing, isn’t a new thing. And sadly, it isn’t a rare thing.

This site’s article on people’s reactions to large families explores the issue further, and regardless of whether you are religious or not, the experiences and stories are bound to resonate if you have a large family of your own.

Have you ever experienced negativity because you have a large family? Leave your comments below.





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