Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 19


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19 weeks!

I know I have said it before (and probably said it several times during previous pregnancies) but this pregnancy is flying by! I can’t believe that next week we’ll be at the official halfway point, although given that we’ll be having a caesarean at around 38 weeks we are already at our own personal halfway mark right now.

I am feeling well in myself – albeit a little tired at times – but well nonetheless. I did send off an email to arrange the anomaly scan due in a couple of weeks. I admit that I have only just emailed – remembering once again just as I sat down to write this post – recalling my post from last week and my personal promise that I would arrange it immediately on hitting ‘publish.’ Does it really matter that ‘immediately’ has taken a week to come around?

‘I think I’m either feeling the baby move or I have wind,’ I told Mike yesterday.

‘Go outside until you work out which it is.’

It was definitely flutterings. Oh, isn’t it exciting when you first feel your baby move? That reassurance and that realisation that my growing belly isn’t the result of too many pre-Christmas mince pies and popcorn (for once) but because there is a whole new person being created secretly within.

We began throwing around names but the conversation soon digressed onto reminiscing about Alf Garnett and the old comedy series In Sickness and in Health, so we ended up watching the old shows on YouTube and quickly forgot about choosing baby names.

We are reaching the point now where finding names is becoming increasingly difficult to do. We seem to have used up all those we like, and can’t think of any which don’t remind us of horrid kids from our schooldays or media personalities we can’t abide. Oliver has suggested naming the baby Mario or Luigi if it’s a boy. It’s a step, I guess, from his preferred name Zelda from the last pregnancy.

How do you choose your new baby’s name? Do you have any kind of pattern? Do certain things put you off? Please do leave a comment below and share your baby-naming methods with us.









5 thoughts on “Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 19

  1. I always have girls names picked normally before they are conceived but boys names I find really difficult. (We have 5 girls and 1 boy). All my children have traditional names and i think they should ‘match’ in other words I wouldn’t have a Harry with a Jayden !!! My husband is rubbish at picking names and normally comes out with some comedy suggestion when pestered to do so. I agree about the association thing, I know loads of kids and normally when a name crops up I can relate it to a child (often not in a good way !) Up to press we have 15 names between my lot here goes :-
    Charlotte Olivia
    Amelia Lucy
    Sophia Emily Grace
    Samuel Jacob Alexander
    Claudia Alice Elizabeth
    Isabella Ruby
    Phew…..think that’s it ?!?
    My future names are Eliza,Annabelle, Eve and Lydia and I think Edward for a boy because I like Eddie or Teddy for short.

  2. I have always found it really difficult to choose baby names. We have a strange mixture of names, sometimes my husband and I really can’t agree on names so we take turns in choosing names, for us it’s the only way! Here’s our weird mix of names:
    Edward Hector
    Honey Tallulah
    Samantha Sophia
    Imogen Orchid
    Odin Magnus
    Henry Hunter
    Maybe they will inspire you , then again, maybe not! Good luck with your choice. x

  3. I have a large book of saints’ names-
    being RC I think there’s always plenty to
    choose from 😀 we have Sean Joseph,
    Aedan Anthony, Brendan Luke, Nathanael
    Vincent, Finian Gerard, Anselm Gabriel and
    Lucille Thérèse 🙂

  4. my 4 children all have traditional names. from having our first i knew i always wanted to use grand parents names in there somewhere so we decided on Oliver Edward, Edward after my dad. He was over the moon that we’d used it. Next we had Lewis Graham, Graham being my late father in laws name. Then along came Thomas Joseph. Thomas is my husbands Grandfather and great Grandfathers name and Joseph was my Great Grandfathers name. Then lastly we have Lucy Rose, Lucy being my Nana’s name and my middle name, and Rose was my husbands Nana’s name. Some people i know don’t like naming their children after family but its something i always knew i would do. We don’t plan on having anymore children but if we did we would have George Arthur for a boy, Arthur being my husbands Grandad and for a girl I’d have no idea, lol 🙂

  5. I have 4 kids number 5 is on the way ( 23 weeks ) with my 1st the names I liked were somewhat questionable to say the least the worst one had to be Reef I liked this because it was the name of a band I loved also because it was an anagram of free ( I know I know cringe !!! my only defence is that I was 17 ) I settled on Callughn ( pronounced Callun ) I got this from an actor 0f Heartbreak High fame I know cringe but slightly less so !?! my 2nd child I named Thomas ( the difference a couple of years makes lol ) 3rd Sophie and 4th Georgia with baby number 5 we are thinking Harry or Harriot at the moment but I really do think you just don’t know until you meet your little one x

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