Back into the swing of things




With Christmas already seeming much longer ago than it actually was, and with the New Year already underway it’s time to get back to normality.

We are now in our third week of experiencing various bugs and ailments which began, right on cue, just before Christmas with Paddy throwing up everywhere.  We braced ourselves for the onset of a large family onslaught of the norovirus but thankfully nobody else came down with it.  Several did, however, come down with colds and sore throats and conjunctivitis.  Oh the conjunctivitis – how I cursed it as I dealt with the crusty and seeping eyes on what seemed like a continuous and never-ending round.

The problem with sickness in a large family is that by the time anything passes around everyone else, it’s not uncommon for illnesses to begin their rounds again, especially during winter.  Even poor Miss Isobel didn’t avoid the lurgy, having had a slight cough and ended up hoarse, barely able to make herself audible when she cried.  It seems she’s getting over it now – thankfully – but I’ll be glad when everyone is fighting fit again.  I hate illness and I hate it when the little ones are ill.

I too came down with a sore throat a couple of days before Christmas.  I spend several days feeling achy and sore and my throat is still hurting even now.

January is set to be our final month of filming for the new programme due out later this year.  We’ll be back to our lessons on Monday and we still have a two month road trip to plan and prepare for.  Then there is the normal ‘life’ stuff – laundry, cooking, cleaning…

So we’re getting back into the swing of things.  How about you?





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