2 parents, 10 kids & 2 months through Europe – Things aren’t going to plan already




There are now just three months before we were due to head off onto our two month road trip with ten of our children.  The plan was that we would get Christmas and New Year out of the way and then start planning our excursions and finding things we could do and places we could visit.  After all, the main part – booking our accommodation for the various stops of the trip – was done.

Or so we thought.

Half an hour ago the postman arrived and with him an envelope containing a cheque and a letter informing us that the cottage in France which we had booked to kick off the trip was now cancelled.  Water damage, apparently, which needed to be repaired for the 2013 season, and the only time the owners could do it was during the time we were booked to stay.

Things happen.  But this now leaves us trying to rearrange accommodation large enough for the 12 of us to stay in which fits in with the rest of our dates and is also within our budget.  This was tough enough when we were planning nine months ahead of our intended dates, but with less than three months left this is not good.

I was already beginning to worry about the logistics of travelling with so many of us for so long.  I was already panicking about whether the minibus would be able to deal with the trip, and stressing over so many other aspects.  I am hoping this isn’t a sign to abandon our adventures already – oh how melodramatic that may sound!  Hopefully it’s just a small blip we can work around but my fear is that it doesn’t bode well for the rest of our plans.





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