Would I go to Bognor Regis with the family?



With our family’s long awaited trip of a lifetime rapidly approaching I’ve been thinking back to previous holidays we have enjoyed in the past.  Despite years of hoping and planning for the trip we never thought we would take, we know that you don’t need to embark on a two month long trip to have a great family holiday.

As our family grew so did our opportunities for family holidays.  Budget restrictions were the main issue and for several years we had to forgo any kind of holiday completely.  As if that wasn’t limiting enough, we found that as our family grew, our preferred modes of travel decreased.  Plane travel for us became difficult and stressful when we attempted it with three children.  It was something we would never even contemplate once our family grew further.

Short breaks became a favourite.  They were manageable despite the young ages of our growing family and with the range of deals available they didn’t need to break the bank either.  Sometimes we would stretch to a week away somewhere, whilst other times we would be limited to weekend holidays at Butlins Bognor Regis with a Butlins Day Pass.

The latter was something we would turn to often.  The accommodation varied in size so making it perfect no matter the size of our family at the time.  The on-site activities and entertainment meant you didn’t need to worry about travelling anywhere else, avoiding the inconvenience of loading everyone in our vehicle and off again, then back in again and off again… you get the idea!  Having all the entertainment close-by meant that we saved time that would have been used travelling too, and being on a budget as we normally were, it also meant that costs of the trip were relatively under control as well.

The children always enjoyed it and as a family it was nice to break the humdrum of usual, everyday life, proving that great holiday memories can be made closer to home than you might think.







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