Christmas Vomit 2012




Each year at around this time we have the same issue.

The kids want to decorate the Christmas tree.

By themselves. 

The final outcome being not too dissimilar to the Christmas Fairy knocking back the mulled wine a little too enthusiastically, resulting in a mighty post-party vomit over the tree.

It was the same last year.

And you can see for yourself that this year isn’t much better.  If anything it’s worse because our poor tree is narrowly wedged between the sofa and the dresser – the only place it could barely fit in our rapidly shrinking home.

What is your tree like?  Do you spend hours dressing it up like a display worthy of a Harrods shop window, with the children warned to stay well back?  Or is it creatively, vivaciously decorated by the kids with all the design prowess of a team of blind chimpanzees suffering a bout of epilepsy?  Share your Christmas tree decorating disasters with us!

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One thought on “Christmas Vomit 2012

  1. Anyone visiting our house this year will instantly know we have a toddler in the family because only the top half of our tree has any decorations on!

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