Exploring Italy’s Calabrian Coastline with the Kids

    Most travellers on their return from Italy will praise the beauties of the Tuscan cities, rave about the Northern lakes and possibly even become slightly hysterical when recalling the splendours of Venice, but how often have you heard about the less well known region of Calabria? Explore Situated in the ‘toe’ of the… Read More

Would I go to Bognor Regis with the family?

    With our family’s long awaited trip of a lifetime rapidly approaching I’ve been thinking back to previous holidays we have enjoyed in the past.  Despite years of hoping and planning for the trip we never thought we would take, we know that you don’t need to embark on a two month long trip… Read More

We’re off again

    Much of yesterday was spent washing laundry, packing, packing, washing more laundry and loading up the minibus in preparation for this week’s break. Having found an excellent last minute deal on a cottage large enough to house us all we decided to go for it so today we’ll be travelling from one end… Read More