He’s a dedicated follower of fashion. Is yours?



Imagine what the world would be like if toddlers chose what their parents wore instead of it being the other way around?  Whilst my initial thoughts are that it would be some kind of fashion disaster I remind myself of clothing deemed appropriate or practical from the top designers and think that maybe they’ll be onto a winner.

Let’s face it, kids have a style all of their own.  Whether it’s the favourite, hole-ridden-where-it’s-been-worn-so-often costume (Eddie lived in his Spiderman one for about 18 months, despite it being two sizes too small by the end), or whether it’s creating a unique fashion statement, things would be interesting if they could dress their parents.

Joseph is developing his own, inimitable style.

Inimitable not because you couldn’t, but because you just wouldn’t.

Check out the ensemble above.  I know Superman did it first years ago but without the SuperHero status I think the general public would have a hard time pulling the underwear-over-clothing look off – whether with or without the woolly hat and boat shoes accompanying it.

Regardless, this doesn’t bother Joseph.  And I’m sure you all have a photo or two of your very own fashionistas.  So I thought it would be great to have a Kids’ Fashion Hall of Fame where we can feature all the latest looks from the budding Westwoods and Armani’s.  Want to show your little one’s dress sense off?

Either blog about it – making sure you include your fashionable child’s picture within the post and send me the link to the post – or email your photo to me at family@largerfamilylife.com with a quick bio of your little star (name and age will do). Put Kids’ Fashion Hall of Fame in the subject line.  And if you know anyone who might like to join in send them over to this post.

If there is enough interest we will set the fashion world alight with some fabulous, albeit eclectic new designs!

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