Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 28



The final week of my second trimester is here meaning that the seemingly-long last trimester is upon us.

Past pregnancies tell me that the third trimester is traditionally the one where my energy levels take a complete nose-dive, leaving me completely and uncontrollably tired at certain times of the day.  This had hit me by far the hardest when pregnant with the twins, barely able to stay awake for an hour or more during the last month of pregnancy and needing to take time for a nap or two during the day simple to function.

Whilst I am not expecting the tiredness to be that bad again I do know that it will happen towards the end of this pregnancy as it always does.  Perhaps it’s a way of getting Mum to conserve her much-needed energy before the birth?  Whatever it is, the last few weeks certainly do knock me out!

So far, so good during this pregnancy.  Whilst the tiredness has been present it hasn’t been too bad meaning that I’ve been able to help Mike with a last-minute rush to decorate the front room – although there are a million and seventy-two other things I haven’t yet got around to.

Whilst lying in bed on Thursday night last week I began experiencing severe cramps and stomach pains.  It wasn’t anything like Braxton Hicks and I didn’t feel the need to go toilet but it left me hot, sweaty, in pain and wanting to vomit.  It pass after an hour or so but I mentioned it to my midwife at the next day’s appointment.  After crossing off a few possible causes she said that sometimes women experience that if their baby turns from one position into another.  Sure enough the baby was no longer in the transverse position it had been in during the 4d scan two days before and had now turned, it seemed, into a head down and back-to-back position instead.  It seemed Sally the midwife was correct!

Apart from that everything seems to be going well! Long may it continue during the final ten week countdown!

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