Large Family E-Card Comebacks - Of course

After Wednesday’s post I thought I’d retaliate by way of designing my own *ahem* “witty” e-cards.

Which is your favourite? - Tania found herself getting increasingly upset for the distressingly high amount of people who still didn't know what caused - Fix it? - You'd rather watch TV than do the - Mike and Tania thought it was time the Water Board looked into what was causing it.

Please feel free to share or create your own, post it on your blog and link up using the linky or in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “Large Family E-Card Comebacks

  1. 2nd last one is my favourite. We always get the “Don’t you have a TV?” question, and we always answer “Yes, we have 3. But we like doing other things better.”

  2. Love these! We have been blessed with 8 children. I bought my husband a coffee mug for his office. It says: Stop asking me if I am getting fixed. Obviously, nothing is broken.

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