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I thought it would be nice to do something different and get to know each other a little more.  I mean, you read this – I read yours (or I will do if you link your post below), but how much do we really know about each other?

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about me and you probably didn’t care much that you didn’t know them either:

  1. I hate having my feet touched.  A pedicure would be a form of torture.  I would gladly kill anyone who dared touch my feet and if they dared tickle them I’d kill them twice.
  2. I don’t think anyone would want to touch my feet anyway because they are very, very ugly.  In fact, if people married for feet Mike and I would still be single.
  3. I don’t eat chicken.  When I was younger my mum used to put the slimy, slippery bits of chicken on my dinner plate and I *had* to eat it all.  The slimy, slippery bits would make me heave and gag and she still made me eat them.  I hate chicken.
  4. I speak English, Greek and though I don’t speak much of it I do understand a lot of Turkish.
  5. My favourite meal is lasagne.
  6. I love ice-cream.  Actually, you probably did know that one.
  7. I hate the sound of people cutting their toe nails.
  8. And shrill, high, shrieky noises annoy the pap out of me.  Oh, and so does whistling.
  9. I have a typing speed of over 80wpm.  Not bad considering I taught myself to touch type with a copy of Typing Tutor back in 1998.
  10. I am allergic to cats.  And I have three of them.

Now it’s your turn!  Write your post telling me 10 things about yourself linking back to this post here within it, then leave the link to your post (not your website URL but your post) by clicking the linky thingy below.  I’d love to visit and find out more about the people who visit our site!*


*I’m not a stalker.  Honest.


** Older Single Mum Anya recently wrote some very interesting things about herself in this post where she also nominated me as a beautiful blogger – thank you, Anya. Go and have a read if you want to be nosy supportive.

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10 thoughts on “Linky: Getting to know you

  1. Great idea Tania. I’ve just started my blog and this will be a good opening post to get me started. I’m just trying to work out 10 interesting things about me. I’m up to nine……

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