Announcing the total raised in our Help Oliver Walk Auction!



Regular readers and new visitors will have noticed the sticky post on the home page of this website telling the story of Oliver.

Oliver is the son of our friends Barry and Danielle and he has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy due to being starved of oxygen during birth.  Oliver is unable to walk but has been given the chance of a life-changing operation in the USA.  But, his family were given just five months to raise the £72,000 needed.

Wanting to do our part for Oliver and to help in whatever small way we could we came upon the idea of running an online charity auction throughout the month of May.

Lots of businesses, companies and individuals generously donated items which we auctioned off here on Larger Family Life.

I was hoping to announce the final total a while before now but have been waiting for a few outstanding payments.  I’m still waiting for a couple but think that I will speak to Danielle and Barry directly about that so we don’t delay handing over what we have raised any longer.

Before I announce the total amount we raised I would like to say a huge thank you to all the businesses and companies who so kindly donated items for us to auction off.  Your support was tremendous and none of this would have been possible without you all.

And of course we want to give big, big thanks to everyone who came along and bid.  Thank you all so very much.

So here we are…

The total raised for Help Oliver Walk is…



(I’m sure we can round it up to an even £700 though 😉 )


Thank you once again to everyone who supported us in some way, shape or form.  Every, single penny will go towards helping Oliver walk.

To keep up with the latest on the fundraising progress for Oliver or to see what events are coming up that you can get involved in or support please visit the website


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