Illegal baby names – more banned baby names from around the world


After publishing the Top 10 Illegal Baby Names back in December I have continued my quest to find even more puzzling, unbelievable and even jaw-dropping illegal names from around the world.

Here is another list of 10 illegal baby names for you to look at, laugh at or make you grateful for the name you have – unless it is one of these, of course.

1.  Elvis 

Elvis will never be sighted in a Fish’n’Chip shop in Sweden because the name is not allowed.  I wonder if his parents were Moody Blue when the Swedish Government rejected it? I Just Can’t Help Believing what they were thinking.

2.  Superman

Superman won’t be joining Elvis in the Swedish Fish’n’Chip shop.  They didn’t allow parents to call their child that name either.  No, it wasn’t the same parents who wanted to name their child Elvis.  I don’t think so, at least.

3. Monkey

The Danish government were not going to allow any monkeying around with this child’s name.  They must have thought his (her?) parents were bananas.

4.  Pluto

Oh, Denmark!  This name would have been out of the world had you allowed it!

5. Fish and Chips

So Superman and Elvis might still be sighted in New Zealand but you won’t find Fish and Chips there because it’s a banned name.  Ironically though, twins were allowed to be named Benson and Hedges after the cigarettes.  True government consistency there then.

6. *

The asterisk symbol is an illegal name in New Zealand too.  I wonder if Obelisk is allowed?

7.  /

New Zealand again.  The government also deems / to be an illegal baby name.  It’s a good job Guns’n’Roses were American.  They wouldn’t have been the same without /.

8. Maradona

It’s a banned name in Portugal.  That decision clearly has the hand of God over it.

9. HuckleBerry

Germany has it’s very own department for overseeing the appropriateness of baby names called the Standesamt.  They refused the name HuckleBerry on the grounds that the Mark Twain character was considered an outsider.  As the original Huck said: “If I never learnt nothing else out of pap, I learnt that the best way to get along with his kind of people is to let them have their own way.”   Although Huck’s pap clearly did get his own way and call his son HuckleBerry.  Ah, you know what I mean.

10.  Sex Fruit

New Zealand says that Sex Fruit is an illegal baby name but why would you even want to name your child that?  Why?  Just why?


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