Large family holidays


Holidays normally require a lot of organisation and preparation no matter who you are.  Holidays when you have a large family obviously mean that that more people there are, the more stuff there is to pack and the more time it’s going to take.  So really it makes no sense that I am sitting here early on the Sunday morning before the day we’re set to leave typing this post instead.

Today I have a list as long as my arm to get through.  Sorting through the drawers yesterday it became very apparent that many of the boys had outgrown their lighter clothes over the winter months, and that they are really quite neglected when it comes to owning jeans without holes in.  A trip to the shops is called for this morning.

The younger boys are half-packed.  Not the boys.  Their clothes, I mean.  So that needs to be completed.  I then need to make a start on packing for the rest of us.

Up until now I always packed several children’s clothes in one case.  This meant that everybody’s clothes would get mixed up and you’d spend more time checking labels to see what belonged to whom.  This year they all have their very own little cases to pack.  Well, for me to pack for them.  Hopefully, it will help to keep things more organised.

I have to bath the five youngest today, not to mention trying to get through the laundry to leave an empty laundry bin behind.  Laundry in a large family is never-ending.  It is the one thing you can be sure of always having an abundance of in life.  Along with taxes.  And recently, grey hair.

I have three travel cots to prepare, some food for the journey and the stay, a steriliser for the bottles, the bottles, three buggies (two doubles and a single), camcorder, charger, mobiles, chargers – oh, and the paperwork.

And passports.

And money.

And Coffee-Mate.  To go with my jar of coffee that I am taking.

Come Saturday I’ll be doing it all over again in order to return home.

It doesn’t sound very relaxing for a holiday, does it?

In the meantime Ben and my dad are going to be sprucing up the house with a lick of paint.  Apparently they are looking forward to the peace and quiet.  I can’t imagine what they mean.

I have some great posts lined up for you this week while I am away.  If I can work out how to add pictures to posts from my phone I might be able to stay in touch here.  I’ll still be around on Twitter and Facebook, so do join up if you haven’t done so already.


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