British summertime begins


It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for – the official start of British summertime.  This weekend the clocks go forward signalling longer, lighter days and the much-awaited warmer weather.

Before we can move into British summertime we have to deal with spring and this week has been a beautiful transition.  The mornings are noticeably lighter far earlier than they have been, and the curtains are being drawn later on in the day.

The boys have been needing to burn energy and so, like little Mexican jumping beans, they bounded out into the garden to play baseball, throw around wood-shavings that the chickens kicked out of their run and to make mud pies.  Harry and Eddie created their very own bird restaurant which they brilliantly named “Bon Appetweet”  and after four hours they trudged in for dinner tired, hungry and very, very muddy.

I do love this time of year.  By mid-March I have thoroughly had enough of dull days, dark skies and of trying to stay warm.  Yesterday I was reminded how much the children love the change of seasons too as they ran in all grubby and exhausted from the imaginative activities of the afternoon.

Unfortunately this time of year also brings about the constant challenge of cleaning up the mud, dirt and grass that seems to be forever traipsed through the house.  Despite being told to leave shoes by the back door, it doesn’t solve the issue of keeping the mud there too as my children seem to manage to attach much of it to their clothes.  And how does it all get on their feet when they’ve been wearing shoes anyway?!

This time of year starts off with me setting out to win a battle I’ve yet to even come close to winning.  No matter how much I nag, moan or plead, the carpet doesn’t get away with the direct effects of the children’s outdoor fun.  This year I’m going to accept defeat before I’ve begun and stock up on bucket-loads of carpet cleaning shampoo instead.

In the meantime, if you know of any birds that need a restaurant to impress their latest bird-friends with, send them over to Bon Appetweet.  Freshly dug worms guaranteed!











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