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During the entire month of May we will be holding a Help Oliver Walk Online Auction right here on   Please read Oliver’s story here.

Each day throughout May at least one item will be posted on  It might be a designer handbag, it might be a toy or it might be jewellery – you’ll have to visit every day to find out!  Each auction will run for 24 hours and bids can be made in the comments section.  At the end of the 24 hours the highest bidder wins.

I have approached company after company both directly and through Twitter and we have already got some fabulous items donated.  So far we have had generous donations by Wow ToysGarden GamesJulie Slater and,Cuski and many, many more!  But we don’t need to stop there.

Danielle and I agreed this would be a great way to get as many people involved as possible without being geographically restricted but to make it a success we are going to need your help.  We need donations of prizes that we can put on auction and we need to spread the word so that people will come and bid.  We want to make this HUGE!

Please promote this post to anyone and everyone you can.  Tweet, share on Facebook and email the link (here is the shortened version you can copy and paste: )  to your favourite celebs and sportsmen/women/companies and ask for donations of prizes that we can offer for auction.  Make sure you also lead them to Oliver’s story (You can use the short link: ) .  If you’re really lucky I may even put up an auction for you to win one of my drawings as seen in Oliver’s original post.  I’m sure the bids will go crazy for that prize!

If anyone asks for site stats or wants more info please ask them to email me (Tania) at and I’ll be happy to talk with them and send them the information they need.

We also need to drum up interest for people to participate when the auction goes live on May 1st.  Again, make sure you Tweet, share and email everyone – we need as many bids on as many things as we can in order to raise the funds Oliver needs.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a plea from Danielle and Barry, Oliver’s parents:

Oliver is our beautiful, happy and content little boy. Nothing seems to phase him, nothing prevents him from having fun and enjoying everything he ever participates in.

Oliver deserves all the opportunities that are put to him just the same as everyone else, why shouldn’t he be able to walk into school, ride a bike or play sports?  He can! He can do this with the help of SDR surgery, this amazing life changing surgery will change an inspirational little boys life forever and you can be part of this amazing journey.

Please please help in making a dream come true and take steps into helping Oliver take his.



Remember, you can donate money to Oliver’s cause to the Paypal address

Cheques and  postal orders made payable to “Help Oliver Walk” or items for the auction can be sent to me at:

Help Oliver Walk

c/o Larger Family Life

PO Box 645





And don’t forget to join the Help Oliver Walk Facebook Group where you can keep track of all the latest fundraising events and activities being arranged.

The website will be live very soon.




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