Mother’s Day: A message for my children


Mother’s Day traditionally falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent every year, hence the reason the date always differs.  It has no connection at all to Mother’s Day as it is known in the US.

In the 1600’s many people worked as servants and maids in manor houses around the country.  Often the places they worked and lived in were far from their own homes and they would work daily, rarely getting time off.  It was important for the domestic servants to be allowed one day off a year in order to be able to go and visit their mothers, and as they made their journey they would often pick the wild spring flowers as they walked to take to them as a gift.

Now, like so many other things, the concept of Mother’s Day has turned into yet another huge over-commercialised money-maker.  As I daughter, I feel for those who have lost their mother’s at this time of year.  And for those daughters whose relationships with their mothers are strained or practically non-existent I feel their resentment at the assumption that all mother/child relationships are storybook perfect.

The constant bombardment of being told that we need to spend x amount of money once a year to make our mothers feel loved and to show our gratitude to them is balloney.  Ask any mother to answer truthfully and I’m quite sure they’ll agree with the message I’d like to give to my children which is:

Don’t fall for the over-commercialisation of Mother’s Day.  You can show appreciation to me for the things I do any time of the year and it needn’t cost a thing.

A “thank you” when your clothes are freshly washed and folded.

A clean plate and a “that was a nice meal” when I’ve cooked.

A hug when I’m overwhelmed (because I do feel it sometimes).

A cup of tea when I’m rushing around.

Today I am not hoping for elaborate bouquets or huge boxes of chocolates.  I don’t want a voucher for a spa day or a three course meal.

What I would like is a bit of sunshine, a little warmth and a blue sky so my family and I can take a peaceful (!) spring walk.

And I’d like to be appreciated during any time of the next year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: A message for my children

  1. I was awoken this morning at 6:30 (they were too excited to wait any longer) by excited children bearing cards and presents they had made at nursery, school and Beavers.
    No over-commercialisation in this house – just genuine heart-felt love for their Mummy.
    The older boys are all going to the National Space Centre in Leicester with Cubs and Beavers. Unfortunately the beautiful spring walk with the little ones we had planned after church this afternoon may have to be postponed due to the fact it s sleeting!!!!!!

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