Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 2


This is getting quite boring now and it’s all my own fault.

I am still maintaining because I haven’t yet got on with actually doing anything with trying to lose weight.  I don’t know why but I just cannot get myself motivated this time.  I need some tips.

It’s not all bad, I suppose.  I could be gaining weight so staying the same isn’t such a terrible thing.  It would be nice to be able to just hit a reset  button and go back to the weight I was in my twenties.  And to think, back then I thought I was fat.

Things have now got slightly trickier since I am limited to cooking meals on four hob rings.  The double oven and grill packed up last week and it will be a while before they can be replaced.  This is the latest episode which follows hot on the heels of the boiler packing up last week and being conned out of money for the loft conversion which was meant to have been completed by  now but never began thanks to a dodgy builder who took our cash and ran.

So, going back to the cooker, not only do I therefore need to continue to cook on a budget plus but the menu planning selection has got a whole lot smaller and that’s enough to think about without trying to throw losing weight into the midst of it all.

Still, I do have a fruit salad beside me for breakfast.

Lucky me.

2012 Week 2’s result: Stayed the same

Current weight: 12st 6lbs (174lbs)

Mini goal: To lose 19lbs by week 18

Starting weight: 12st 8lbs

Goal weight: 8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose: 50lbs

Total lost to date: 2lbs

If you are also trying to lose weight why not join the quest to “Free Skinny Me!”?  You don’t need to be following Weight Watchers to do so and your weigh in day doesn’t have to be a Monday.  You can also grab the badge at the top of this post.
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One thought on “Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 2

  1. OK, well I haven’t weighed in since before Christmas and today was my first day back at work. I weighed in, and was a kilo up on my 2 weeks before Christmas weight BUT it was 11.30am and I’d had breakfast, a hot chocolate, several glasses of water…you get the idea. I wasn’t too concerned.

    Over the holidays, I was “organised activity” good – that is to say, I did some kind of formal exercise about 4 days each week. I also did lots of disorganised activity, like the 20+ minute walk each way to and from the beach, sanding, plastering and painting a bathroom (including the ceiling), running around after the kids and so on. My food intake was OK, a bit much chocolate 🙂 I also had more to drink than I normally do. Ordinarily I have alcohol free days Monday through Thursday. I got kind of confused about it not being one long weekend, so had something many days 🙂 All in all, a 1kg gain isn’t too bad, and I am now into a size 14 trouser/ shorts – woohoo! My bras are all a little too big but I’m not game to buy new ones as yet!

    Tania – I think that the whole weight loss thing has to be done at the right time. Sometimes we are just not emotionally ready to hit the diet/ exercise track. I think the healthy eating that you are doing is awesome, and maybe at the moment, that’s all that your life will cope with. My twins (who are my youngest) are 5 and I have just managed to squeeze regular exercise into my day in the last 6 months. I had a little external spur with a competition at work, but I was ready to work out how to get moving. It’s become a habit now which is the point at which it is easy. Well, easy to get to the exercise, not easy to actually DO it! My other trigger was my boys turning 5, and me turning 45. I realised that when they were 10, I would be 50 (not entirely sure how this fact had previously escaped me!) and I wanted to be able to do all the things that I can do with the older kids – swimming, kayaking, climbing, walking, kicking the ball around, throwing a frisbee and so on.

    My advice, for what it’s worth, is to keep eating well and healthily and think of it as a lifestyle/ health change NOT as a diet. Be as active as you can to stay healthy. For me, normal activity is not enough and I have to regularly do a bit more of something formal. My stinky husband is never overweight and maintains a higher fitness level than me by doing nothing – grrr! Lucky him! Anyway, keep up with good habits, and give yourself some time to adjust to the new workload of 11 kids rather than 9. Three months is not a very long time, and whilst I know you are accustomed to welcoming new children, two at once is a different kettle of fish! Is there something like swimming or walking you could do with Caitlin? It’s nice to have some company and now that my two 13 year olds are better swimmers than me, it’s a great motivator when we get to the pool (“we can swim a kilometre in 20 minutes – how long is taking you Mum?”).

    To make this a little shorter (!!), make little changes not big ones. Do what you can manage to do. Aim for a healthy lifestyle that works within your current commitments. And if you want to stop Free Skinny Me for a while, then do it (unless we’re keeping you honest!).

    And sorry to hear about all the things going wrong – we had the same thing in May last year – 2 big car repair bills, hot water cylinder and some other things! It does seem to come in a clump rather than being spread out! Hugs – this too shall pass!

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