“15 Kids and Counting” – We’re ready… I think!


Well, we have now seen the final edit of our episode of “15 Kids and Counting”.  It was very interesting to go back and re-live my pregnancy with the twins.  Fans of “One Born Every Minute” might like this episode.  We are really pleased with the results.  I think the series is going to be great viewing!

We are now bracing ourselves for Tuesday as we are in the first episode along with Noel and Sue Radford and their lovely family.  Not long to go now!

Will you be watching?



“15 Kids and Counting” – Episode 1 airs Tuesday, 17th January at 9pm on Channel 4. 


19 thoughts on ““15 Kids and Counting” – We’re ready… I think!

  1. And any consideration for other people in the world. ANy consideration for the climbing population?
    Obviously not, eh? You are selfish people obsessed with babies not bringing up a person. 2 children is enough and you have a responsibility to your grandchildren to keep popluation down. You won’t have to deal with the consequences of overpopulation, they will.

    1. Helen,
      You are absolutely right to be concerned about this kind of mindless, irresponsible behaviour. As you say, it is the children and grandchildren of this family who will suffer the consequences of this kind of heedless procreation. The proliferation of reality shows documenting this phenomena only encourages people to emulate them further compounding the negative impact on the planet.

      This is, without question, one of the single most self-indugent, short sighted behaviours people can engage in and their inability to see the consequences for their own progeny is shocking.

      1. Those cute little twin girls above might invent the home nuclear fusion electricity generator, for all you know about the future. If you’re so worried about the population, which is decreasing in the western world anyway, I could recommend how you might reduce it.

        So step up to the plate and leave the rest of us to do as nature intended. If Gaia wants to reduce the population it will happen with or without your griping.

        I see no point in saving the planet for our grandchildren if they are going to be surrounded by miserable environmentalists like you. That would be a living Hell.

        Saving the planet!!! How crazy, how arrogant. Human’s cannot even get public transport to function properly or stop the economic system from collapsing but you arrogantly think that we can alter whether God or mother nature want to cull us?

        Your ideas lack wisdom. No species in history ever thrived by voluntarily culling itself.

        1. I’m sorry you are so angry, Greg. I don’t think it is the environmentalists who are miserable, as you say. It is not the environmentalists who post: “If you’re so worried about the population, which is decreasing in the western world anyway, I could recommend how you might reduce it.” as you did.

          Please consider that we may have an obligation to be responsible stewards to this earth, our home.

          I hope, for your sake, you find a way to overcome your anger.

          Peace out,

  2. I am looking forward to watching the programme tomorrow, as i have 7 children i am interested to see similiarities in our lives.
    People comment all time on how mad i am having a large family but i love it despite the chaos, i also have a friend wiv 8 children and shes the same.
    Will watch tomorrow xxx

  3. The comment above is so rude! I really commend you and the work you are doing. I have two kids and I feel exshausted by the end of the day. My husband wanted more kids I just said NO bcos I couldnt cope. But looking at you with so many kids and running a successful website – really inspiring! (still doesnt mean I’ll have more kids but still! 🙂
    Good luck with your book and the programme.

  4. I have just watched the show on 4 and there is only one question that I wfeel went unanswered…. What names did you give the twins?

  5. Britain has an “ageing population”. This means that we actually need more children to support the elderly in the years to come.

  6. I am inspired!! I currently have two sets of twins 35mths and 14mths! And would love to know more about the way you run your home, as I have no intention of stopping yet! I would love another six or more!!

    I enjoyed the show and would have loved to have seen more!! Congratulations on your newest arrivals! Twins Rock! Xx

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