Using reusable nappies? How to save money with washable nappy liners.


Here is the second post in a series from Lizzie of Lizzie’s Real Nappies.  This week Lizzie explains the difference it can make to your pocket by choosing reusable nappy liners over disposable. 

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If you’re using cloth nappies you’re already saving yourself a good amount of money compared to disposables, but how can you save a little more?

Most cloth nappy users use disposable nappy liners. These sit between baby’s bottom and the nappy to protect the nappy from the worst of the mess. When changing the nappy, the liner is removed (poo and all) and dropped down the toilet – leaving a relatively clean nappy to go into the nappy bucket ready for the wash.

For those new to cloth nappies this tends to be the easiest option, but for those more experienced nappy changers it’s worth considering ‘reusable’ nappy liners. These are made from simple rectangles of thin fleece. When soiled, the liners can be removed from the nappy and sluiced in the toilet to remove the solids. Once relatively clean they are then placed in the nappy bucket, with the nappies, ready for washing.

Because the liners are washed and used again they will last and last. It’s still worth having some disposable liners in your stash, however, for when you’re out and about and just want to be able to throw the liners in a nappy bin.

A pack of 20 washable fleece liners will cost around £11. The liners may well last though to potty training (although, from experience, they do tend to go walkabouts so you’ll probably need a second pack at some point).

In comparison, disposable liners are around £3.00 for a roll of 100. A roll will last around 5 weeks on average. So, if you’re looking at using them right through to potty training they’ll cost around £80 per child.

Do bear in mind that I’ve known several people to make their own liners – in theory you can use any old bits of fleece ( although the thicker, nobbly, fleece isn’t so good). I even know someone who cuts up old silk pyjamas!!





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  1. We saved even more – we made our own fleece nappy liners. A nice fleece blanket from Ikea for just a few pounds and made a couple of dozen liners!

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